Proof of global warming as good as science can get—its time for action

When Al Gore was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental activism against global warming, the most immediate consequence was an increase in the temperature of the debate over climate change. Columnists and pundits denounced the decision as a politically motivated. Thousands of university faculty and professional scientists around the country have received petitions […]

Armenia, Turkey, genocide and…Freud

It’s no coincidence that I’ve been thinking of Sigmund Freud during the debate over whether our nation should recognize Turkey’s murder of 1.5 million Armenians during World War I as “genocide.” Like Freud’s theories, Turkey’s denials have remarkable staying power, despite overwhelming evidence against them. Freud’s longevity, however, stems from his desire to reveal rather […]

The haunting of the Central Valley

Ghosts. Psychic phenomena. Mysterious rites conducted by the light of a full moon. Is the Central Valley the epicenter of ectoplasmic activity? Could our hometown, like Sunnydale, be situated on its own “Hellmouth”? Or are these claims a symptom of a more general malaise? It’s been nearly a decade since the finale of The X-Files, […]

Let’s make Children’s Day meaningful

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated November 20 by the United Nations and is intended to promote the welfare of the world’s children. As this day nears, I find myself thinking more about the condition of life for children in the U.S. With all sides of the political and social spectrum debating whether the family is […]

Halloween misinformation abounds, confuses

The traditions of Halloween, so called because it is the evening before the Principal Feast of All Hallows (more commonly known as All Saints’ Day), are usually seen at best as a blend of Celtic and Roman mythology, and at worst as thinly veiled (and hence dangerous) Satanic rituals. The Internet teems with websites on […]

School counselors and accountability

The mission of schools has become very clear with No Child Left Behind, standards-based reform measures and school improvement initiatives. It’s all about accountability. School counselors, however, have not always been included as an integral part of standards-based reform measures. Why have school counselors been excluded from the mission of the school? One reason is […]

Can Christians support Buddhist monks?

Cultures are colliding at an unparalleled rate. As the globe continues to shrink via media, Internet and other communications, there is increased awareness of similarities and differences between groups of people. This new understanding can lead to fresh questions, particularly with regard to theology. As a follower of Christ I have witnessed the recent atrocities […]

Why doesn’t my child like to read?

You did everything to help your child develop a love of reading. You purchased manuals. You began reading to your baby the day you came home from the hospital. Your child teethed on plastic versions of The Runaway Bunny and Brown Bear. You were determined to have a child who loved to read! What happened? […]

The truth about Harry Potter: the message is biblical

Since the first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, Christian parents have been deeply concerned about their children enjoying stories of witches and wizards. But the final scenes of the last installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, demonstrate the many biblical principles that these books contain. The series […]