Today is Wednesday July 25th, and our trip is almost over! By Monday we will be back in the US, but for now we’re still out there experiencing the culture of India. For example, this morning we started out our day with a little bit of yoga in the city of Ambala! The man who […]

Hadrian’s Wall and Scotland Travel Blog

My wife Pam and I were lucky enough to get to spend a few weeks in northern England and Scotland with my sister Gage and our nephews Gabriel and Christian this summer. Both Pam and I are classicists, so the travel had a heavy Roman focus, and this was also our first chance to explore […]


The last few days we have been in the beautiful city of Amritsar. Being walking distance from the Golden Temple, the Mecca for Sikhism, makes me feel like royalty. As we walked to the sacred place, shops lined the streets with knifes and shoe stores. The beauty was overwhelming.  The men bought handkerchiefs to cover their […]

First Destination

We arrived at our first destination the Bible College. So far the weather feels good and I’m just enjoying all the nature and getting to know all the people here. I can’t even describe how I feel right because everyone is so welcoming the hospitality is great and everyone treats us like family. The food […]

India’s Many Great Ministries

God is so amazing! I have been in India for a month now and I have had the privilege of visiting various churches, ministries and other Christian organizations throughout all of India. During my many weeks of preparation for this trip, I was aware that Christianity in India was only a tiny speck of a percentage […]

Getting Lost

Today has been a hectic day. We have visited several places, but have been rushing all over the place. I can say that the highlight of the day for me is that three of my team members and I got lost. We were supposed to be heading for lunch to McDonald’s but the driver took […]


Staying in India has been a blessing for it has opened my perspective and my heart. When we drive by in our buses or other means of transportation, we constantly get smiles or waves from many people. You can see the love and the welcome within their eyes. It has been a great experience going […]

A Learning Process

Ever since being in India, everything has been incredible! India is filled with so much diversity, the people, the villages, the city, the food and the experience itself.  I have learned so much about it’s culture and religion. One thing that really struck  me the most was when the idea of Satsang was introduced to the […]

Visiting the Taj

Coming back home was not only one of the happiest moments in my life but also the most awaited. Even though I was home something seemed different. I appreciated even the smallest of things more now than when I lived in India. As a twelve year old when I first visited the Taj Mahal, my […]

Hosts of Hospitality

I was assigned to reflect upon yesterdays experience but my thoughts are still tied to the beautiful bungalow I was wonderfully welcomed into in Deverakhonda. Pastor Isaac and his lovely wife were wonderful hosts for Antonia and me. We were given a very comfortable room and our own bathroom (with a flushable toilet! I know […]