Alumni Spotlight: Seng Leang Tang-Hignojoz, LMFTI

Seang Leang Photo - New Yr's Eve


Seng Leang is the one and only therapist for the DRAW Program, which recently released its second promotional video highlighting the administrators. Here are the links: and The DRAW Program now provides services to nine campuses within Kings and Tulare County! Since she works for Kings View Counseling Services, a DBT-certified clinic, she uses a lot of DBT skills in her work with students. From time to time, she conducts a variety of mental health presentations/workshops to students, faculty, staff and administrators. She did one training in early December for administrators/faculty/staff at West Hills College Lemoore, titled “Assisting Students in Distress.”

She also passed the SWE test! BBS didn’t process her application in time for her to take the CVE before the blackout period so she is anxiously awaiting to take the new California Clinical Exam in January.

Her life outside of work consists of: Eat. Sleep. Play tennis. Repeat. LOL! She is a functional tennis addict and tennis is her self-care! She had a successful year captaining various USTA women’s and mixed teams for the Visalia Club. This past year, four of the teams she captained won local area playoffs (Fresno) and played up in Sacramento for districts playoffs (meaning they play against Bay Area and Sacramento-area teams). Two of her teams, the women’s 4.0 team and mixed 8.0 team, won districts and made it to sectionals playoffs! It was an amazing experience to have both of her teams make it that far! She describes them as the “little teams that could!”

She would like to hear from her friends. Contact Beth Hatch, MFT program assistant, for her email, telephone number or referral information.