Alumni Spotlight: Nohemi Escamilla, MA, LMFT

Who says flyers don’t make a difference? Twenty years ago, Nohemi found a flyer for MBBS at People’s Church. She was intrigued, and started her first class with Delores Friesen in the fall of 1995. After her first taste of the community, Nohemi was excited for the opportunities. She graduated in 1999. This was something particularly special given Nohemi’s educational history. She never thought she would earn a degree in the states after her immigration from Mexico (correction), much less a master’s degree.

Since graduation, she worked for the On-Site Counseling Program, where she greatly appreciated the investment from her supervisors, especially Mary Shamshoian. In 2009 she opened her private practice here in Fresno, where she now sees patients two days a week. One-third of her clientele is Spanish-speaking only, serving a great need in the Valley. She loves what she does where she finishes her work day energized, although she also gives credit to the half-hour naps she takes on her couch.

Nohemi participates in a consultation group with Ronald Teague, Ph.D. She notes this is one of her favorite, most exciting and challenging professional activities, and keeps her learning and growing as a clinician.

She frequently spends time visiting her children and grandchildren in Auburn, CA, since he

r husband, Dan, retired from his position as director for Hispanic ministries in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. In April, they traveled back to Panama to vacation and visit friends.

Nohemi is thankful for her life-changing experience at MBBS, which all started with a flyer. She would like to hear from her friends. Contact Valerie Elwell, for her email, telephone number or referral information.