Mary Anne Fifield: Alumni Spotlight

Mary Anne Fifield

Alumni Spotlight: Mary Anne Fifield, DMFT, CAS, CSAT-S, LMFT

Mary Anne has gone on to receive her doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary, receive specialty certifications and start a non-profit addiction recovery center, but she states with fond admiration and humility, “my heart gives credit to MBBS for my success. The Lord used the faculty and students to love and support me through a very hard time in my personal life. Safe in their support, I could risk moving on, into an unknown season of my life, a season where I found multiple adventures with him. I am so amazed at what he has accomplished through me.” Mary Anne’s experience is familiar to many alumni, who find safety to transform as people as they study to become professionals.

The MFT Program, both MBBS and FPBS alike, has trained people who are ministering to and walking with the hurting. Mary Anne founded the nonprofit Addiction Recovery Center in San Jose in 2004. They treat sex addiction both for the male and female addict and the partner healing from relational trauma. She boasts about her staff and board who go the extra mile. Mary Anne continues to focus her work in addiction treatment for those working for sobriety and family members affected by addiction.

You can find more information about the recovery center at Mary Anne has also written books that are available online an looks forward to her next book coming out, Stepping Free: A Theology of the Twelve Steps. She also provides online trainings to learn about sex addiction at

Mary Anne is enjoying her new home without stairs and her Cockapoo, Penny, as she gears up to finish her next book.

Mary Anne would like to hear from her friends. Contact Valerie Elwell, MFT program assistant, for her email and phone number.