Not My Spring Break

So this week is not Spring Break for FPU, and honestly it is kind of frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, when we had Spring Break two weeks ago, it was greatly needed and appreciated. However, something about this week being the time when it feels like literally every other school is on Spring Break (except […]

It’s Over!

That glorious part of the semester where we, as students, but not as workers, have a week off of school is now officially over. It was nice to have the week off, but then again, I didn’t get as much done as I had planned. However, I think that’s how it goes every break. If […]

Midterms and Break

How do students survive Midterms Week? For many of us, they are a pretty big deal. Some teachers don’t have multiple tests throughout the semester, but instead have one midterm and one final that comprises the student’s entire test grade. Talk about pressure. I don’t like this idea because the midterms are often worth a […]