The Semester is Done!

Well now that the semester is done, I’ve had a lot of time. A lot of time to sit. A lot of time to sleep. A lot of time to read things I choose. And, a lot of time to be there for people who need me most. This doesn’t mean that during the semester […]

A Day Off

Not too often do I have a day off where nothing is planned. Even during vacations, it seems that every day has some activity planned, some place for me to be, or some person to go meet. So, needless to say, having nothing to do on Saturday was kind of weird. I tried sleeping in, […]

Packing List

I thought it’d be helpful to share my personal packing list for when I move back on campus this fall. Last year I had no clue what to bring, and I ended up buying way too much. Here is what I suggest you pack for FPU: 1. Twin XL Bedding – This is the size […]