It’s Only the First Week….

So I have to say that as much as I am glad to have a “regular” routine again, this semester has me nervous already. I love my classes, well at least most all of them, and my professors seem really cool, especially the ones I have multiple times each day, but the workload is a […]

My 21st First Day of School

Well, today is the day. The first day of the next semester. The day when everyone dresses really nicely to impress people, but then in two weeks it’s casual Friday everyday for everyone. The first day of my sixth semester of college, and man has it flown by fast. I can’t believe that I only […]

New Years Resolutions?

With the new year comes a lot of people making resolutions to do things differently or try something new. I’ve done that in the past, but let’s be honest, it didn’t work out for me very well. The resolutions lasted a month at best and then I was disappointed in myself, and feeling as if […]

A Crazy Semester

This semester has been a little bit ridiculous, and now that I look back, I agree with everyone who told me from the get go that it was going to be a crazy semester, and I probably signed on to do too many things. They were right. There was definitely a lot going on with […]

Student Jobs

As a student at Fresno Pacific University, I keep busy. I am taking 21 units this semester, working two part time jobs, housesitting and petsitting, all while in a relationship. Needlesss to say I am constantly moving. Constantly moving from class to class to work to homework to texting the boyfriend and other friends to […]

The Triangle of College

As I write this blog post, one diagram comes to mind. I’m looking back on this last week and realize that this is most definitely the case in my life right now, except throw a couple part-time jobs in the mix. But, this is the life of a college student. The life of someone who wants […]


Funny story. You know how just like two weeks ago I wrote how I would try and find time to do something fun at least once a week? Well, so much for that idea. I had the craziest week ever last week. It’s finally dawning on me that maybe I have too many classes and […]

So Much to Do in so Little Time…

Today is the start of my fifth week here at FPU. Wow, it feels weird writing that. Time has flown by and that excites me because Christmas will be here before we know it! I am having a really good time here. I stay pretty busy between classes, studying, and my job, but I also […]