Things I Love-Part 4

I love the time we get off for Christmas. I love that it’s not just the week prior to and after Christmas and there really is a chance to spend time with family. I love that there’s a month of days to sleep in (not really, but potentially), and I love that there’s time for […]

Thanksgiving in Six Parts

I don’t think Christmas music should be played before Thanksgiving. This is because otherwise we skip right over being thankful for all that we have and skip to buying more to make us happy. Therefore, I am very thankful for Thanksgiving, for the friends and family that gather together, and of course the food. This […]

Other Duties as Assigned-Eating?

So last week I talked about other duties as assigned and why that was something I loved. Today, I wanted to talk a little bit more about one of those other duties as assigned. I didn’t mention it last week, but that duty is eating. Very frequently food appears in one of the offices, because […]