Summer Fun

Summer means a lot of time to do things that the school year made impossible to do. It also hopefully means that there’s time to do fun things or nothing at all. I’ve definitely had my fair share of doing nothing, aka having Netflix marathons. This summer has already allowed me to finish all nine […]

Fall Formal

I’d have to say that school dances were some of my favorite memories from high school. Of course, being in a crowded room full of loud and sweaty teenagers was not exactly “special,” but there were parts of the evening that I always enjoyed that didn’t actually take place on the dance floor. I loved […]

Mock Rock

  Mock Rock is a famous event for students at FPU that occurs annually. Every year, students have the option to form teams who sign up to compete. The teams choose a song to dance and lip sync to, and they perform it on stage at Mock Rock. The bright lights lit up the stage in […]