Things I Will Miss-Relationships

The thing I will miss most about Fresno Pacific University is the relationships. I will miss the people I’ve gotten to know over the last four years, and the relationships I’ve formed as a result. This last week has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. For the majority of the week last week, my Mom was on life support, and my days were spent at the hospital. My nights were spent worrying. As I realized I have a week left of classes and a week of finals, I started to stress out. But, the people at Fresno Pacific University have rallied around me in the most unbelievable ways. One of my professors took care of all my school work and had the conversations with professors I couldn’t have. The department I’ve worked in the almost four years (shout out to the UCM Department), has been non-stop with encouraging texts, long distance hugs and the reassurance I need, and these are only a few of the many people who have rallied around me. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the last week if I didn’t have all these amazing people around me. I know that just because I will be leaving the school, and won’t be enrolled as a student, this doesn’t mean I won’t have these relationships the rest of my life. The people I’ve met at Fresno Pacific are the people that will be invited to my wedding, that I will meet up with over the years, and will turn to when I need a little more encouragement.

The ability to relate to faculty and staff was one of the main reasons I decided to come to Fresno Pacific. So, I am not surprised that the relationships and the people are what I am going to miss most.


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