Things I Will Miss-Learning Experiences

The next thing I will miss from Fresno Pacific University are the different opportunities to learn. I’m talking about more than the classroom experiences and discussions. Don’t get me wrong, the books we read in most my classes have been extremely informative and interesting. I loved the in-class discussions we had, and as a result, I’d say I know myself better now. But, I’m talking about something more than the assigned 124 units to graduate. I’m talking about the conversations I had with my professors outside of class time, the conversations with staff members who challenged me to be a better version of myself, and all the different places in which these conversations occurred. Some of them have been at college hour, some in the coffee shop, some in the office I work in, but more specifically I’m talking about the “field trips” I’ve had the opportunity to take in conjunction with classes or clubs/societies I am affiliated with. For my Church in the Urban World class, one of our assignments was to ride the bus from FPU to Riverpark and back. Although I was honestly terrified of the experience, I will never forget it, especially because there were some great guys I got to go with. I learned so much on that bus ride about the inequalities in Fresno that I never would have seen or known about, even though I lived in Fresno my entire life. With that same class we got to visit many different places of worship which opened my eyes to what God is doing right here in Fresno. For many of my classes, I “had” to interview professionals in different fields, and I truly enjoyed those conversations and what I learned from them. Most recently though, I had the opportunity to learn in Washington D.C. during a five day trip with Alpha Chi. When I or the other representatives from FPU weren’t presenting, we were exploring the city, taking in as much as humanly possible in the few hours we had. It was incredible. Although I learned a lot of the history when I was in elementary school, it came to life when I could see the monuments and gravestones in front of me. I didn’t study abroad for a semester, but I still learned a lot about myself and educational topics outside my classroom (including what a ramekin or rammequin is). I wouldn’t change my learning experience for the world, and it is definitely something I will miss next school year.



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