Things I Will Miss-MCC Sale

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog for a few reasons. The first is that it is that point in the semester when everything creeps up on you. So most Sunday and Monday nights have been filled with studying or finishing papers to turn in on time. But, that can only mean one thing…graduation is really close! And with that, I am forced in a way to look back at my career at FPU. It’s hard to believe that seven and a half semesters ago I was starting out as a baby Sunbird and now I am getting ready to graduate. Including today I will be going to eleven days of classes for a total of twenty-five class sessions. I will come to campus three days during finals week for one exam, one final and one last presentation. It’s weird to think about, but I am also really excited!

I think one of the things I will miss most about FPU is the MCC Sale. It’s something I didn’t even know existed until the spring of my freshman year. And really, it’s its own slice of heaven. There’s something about the fresh zwieback, all the people from all over the west coast, and the sheer number of volunteers that will have to come together to make the sale happen. It is something I have really enjoyed and will miss being part of when in Minnesota. I’m sure they have similar events but nothing like the MCC Sale!

Tune in next week to hear about something else I will really miss next year.