Friendships and How They’ll Change

Something that most people associate college with are friends. However, the friends you come to college with most likely will not be the friends you leave college with. I found that out the hard way. I thought for sure that the friends I had in high school, since we were so close then would still be my best friends now. Unfortunately that is not the case. There are still a few people that I talk to regularly or see a couple times a year, but we definitely are not as close as we used to be, and now I’ve realized that’s okay. The friends I have now, the people I can most relate to are those who are going through this thing called college with me. Some of these friends are in classes with me, and others I’ve met by way of other friends. It’s crazy to look back and see just how much I have changed in the nearly four years I have been in college. I go about life differently, I have a different perspective, and my priorities are just a little different now than they were in high school.

As your friends change and you start to grow apart from the people you used to call your best friends, know that it happens to everyone. Everyone in college is growing and changing in different directions and it’s normal and healthy. It hurts when you realize friendships are not what they used to be, and it’s not easy, and it’s hard to realize at times, but know the friends you make in college will last longer than four years. They’ll be there for the ups and downs of relationships, grad school, and random trips to the beach. The friends that will be there through everything are the kinds of friends you want to have for more than four years.