Lost in Transition

As I had to say good-bye to another member of the UCM team, I had a realization. Since I have been working at Fresno Pacific in the University Communications and Marketing Office, I have seen a lot of transition. Some of that has been due to people moving forward in their careers by choice, but other transitions have come suddenly, and not by choice. In the course of my three and a half years in my position, I have worked with eight other student workers, and six new full-time staff members have been hired. This doesn’t mean that new positions were created for all of them. Some filled positions that were left with empty holes, and other positions were created due to the workload. With all that being said, it’s kind of weird thinking that I have worked in the department longer than some of the team members. It’s weird thinking about how many random pieces of information I have stored up in my head. It’s weird thinking about the number of times I have trained someone or helped train someone. In the midst of it all, sometimes it feels like I have just gotten lost in transition. Lost in the shuffle of the new coming in and the old going out. Lost in the hectic-ness of the office. However, I am still there. And, until May 6, 2016, I will be in the office doing the best I can do in whatever transitions there may be.