Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

So, I haven’t been the best at blogging over the break. I would say it’s because I’ve been extremely busy and I haven’t spent much time near my computer, but that would be entirely false. I have to admit that I have watched at least 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy over break, one of which has been in the last 48 hours. Yikes. That’s not at all how I wanted to spend my break. But, the great news is that I haven’t only been watching Netflix. I read most of a book (not as much as I hoped!), I’ve cleaned my room quite a bit (although you couldn’t tell right now), and I went to Santa Isabel, Mexico for a week. And, that’s what I want to tell you about.

I went to Santa Isabel two years ago and boy was I nervous to go then. I was worried to be in a country without my parents where I couldn’t communicate on my own. I was worried because literally everyone I talked to felt the need to remind me of how unsafe Mexico was. This year, I was nervous. But, I was nervous for a different reason. It wasn’t because I was going to an “unsafe” country (sidenote: I didn’t ever feel threatened…not even once!), but because I was going to a place where I was concerned no one would remember me. Most of the team I went with went to Santa Isabel last year as well, and so their relationship with the people was much stronger than mine ever was. I was also concerned because I was going with a group I didn’t know really well anymore. Two years ago, we were all really close but over time I drifted from them. However, all those fears were put to rest as soon as I walked into Pastor Raul’s (the pastor at the church in Santa Isabel we were working with) home. Everyone greeted me with a hug and it seemed as if I was there the week prior.

The week went on and I built on relationships I had, I created new relationships, and ultimately I gained another family. Also, a lot of necessary healing took place (aka a lot of tears). So, this year I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone just a bit. Maybe it doesn’t mean going to a foreign country where you can’t really speak the language (story of my trip), or where you don’t really know the people you are with, or what the exchange rate is, but live just outside your comfort zone. You know, be a little bit uncomfortable in some situations to see what God can do within and through you. It’s a life changing experience, I’ll tell you that.