Welcome Fall!

So as most of you all know today it rained. And I was excited. Not because I like being wet, but because I could FINALLY wear my rain boots. I was excited because I knew I had a short day and could be home enjoying hearing the sound of rain while drinking tea or something. And I did just that. I got home from school close to 2:30 which is by far the earliest I’ve been home all semester on a day other than Friday and I sat on my bed and go to work. I wrote a journal entry for one of my classes, I watched some Netflix because I could, I posted some assignments, and I worked on my papers for candidacy. It was a productive Monday and it’s only 8 p.m. I feel like it’s so much later and as a result I am ready for bed although there’s still much to be done. I’m looking forward to finishing the night off by reading for class and drifting off to sleep much earlier than I have been. Welcome fall!


  1. Thanks, Richard, for your message here and your address this morning. You have great courage for these days when some would place us on their “hall of shame.” Thanks for not being afraid to talk about our sin and missing the mark and about the impossible purifying Jesus our Lord does for us at merely our humble request. In Christ, Walter Saul

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