One of the best things about going to a really small private is there is a lot of opportunity to get to know people. When I say get to know people, I’m not just talking about other students your same age, I’m also talking about the fact that you get to know your professors well. Even the lecture-style classes at FPU are small enough that you get to know everyone, and your professor knows you by name. The coolest part I think is that even after you’ve finished their class, they still know you. I am impressed every time the very first professor I had seven semesters ago still calls me by name as we pass each other on the way to class. By getting to know your professors, you really get to know them. Not just what classes they teach in whatever department, but you get to know their family. You get to know what they like to do on the weekends, what team they root for during each sports season, and they get to know the same about you. I truly enjoy the conversations I have with prior professors and professors I haven’t had as I’m sitting at The Table 2.0. We don’t just talk about what semester I’m in or when I’ll graduate. We’ll talk about the different content I’m learning in classes, what my job is like right now, and how they can pray for me. They know what path I’m headed down and they challenge me to think differently, to love deeper, and to really find what my passions are. I encourage you to stop showing up to classes so you can really engage in your classes. Get to know your professor, and the subject matter, be willing to meet with them outside of class, and love each second of the school day, no matter how frustrating it may be at times.