A Tale of Two Weekends

I want to give you a little update on the last few weekends of my life since we are already starting the fourth week of school. Let me tell you, I used to think (and sometimes still do), that working hard all week and all weekend will eventually pay off. Sometimes this is true. Unfortunately most the time it is not. We as humans were created with the intent to take a Sabbath or a rest from our daily work. It’s written in Genesis 1. Check it out sometime. So, because I know that taking a Sabbath is a good thing to do, I try to take one. Or even if I cannot take a whole day, I try to at least take a few hours each weekend to just be. Well the last two weekends have been polar opposites. Labor Day weekend (two weekends ago) was filled with a lot of rest. Granted, I did do all my homework on Saturday so I could actually enjoy camping on Sunday and Monday. I was able to rest and enjoy Shaver Lake where it was nice and smoky to just sit around and not follow a strict schedule. However, this last weekend was the polar opposite. It seemed like every minute of every day was filled with something I had to be doing. It was exhausting, and I can feel it today. Coming back from Shaver Lake, I was rejuvenated and had a more positive outlook on the week. Coming back from this busy weekend, I am exhausted, still have a lot to do and cannot wait until Friday afternoon. Let me save you some frustration and exhaustion. Be sure to take time each weekend to do something for you. It can be anything really from watching Netflix to reading a book to cleaning your room (which reminds me…) to camping with family. Take time for you. It may seem like you are wasting it and have a billion other things to do, but I promise, it will be worth it.