Zorb Balls?

So, today’s blog is about something fun that happened on Friday while I was at school. All last week I kept getting emails about a barbeque that was happening on Friday during lunchtime and how there would be zorb balls to race in. I dismissed each of the emails, because being a commuter and all, I usually bring my own lunch. It’s cheaper that way. Anyways, when I walked into the office Friday morning, Jared asked if I would go in one of the zorb balls and if he could attach a GoPro to me to get some footage. Of course I agreed, because I figured it would be fun. As it was about time to go to lunch, Wayne offered to buy my lunch with a catch. I had to go in one of the zorb balls! It was awesome! I was going to get a free lunch, and get to take the GoPro in all in a day’s work! So, we ate lunch, I strapped the GoPro on, and went for a spin…quite literally! It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work! I rolled around for a few minutes got out, and went back to work. About an hour later, the Provost, Steve Varvis called Wayne and said he would check out what these zorb balls were about. After a little bit of convincing and showing him how it’s done, the Provost went in one of the balls and had a great time! What I thought was going to be a regular Friday that seems like it moves slower than a snail, ended up being one of the most exciting things of the year yet! Granted the year just started, but we’ll see what comes my way!