Camp Hope

Well, Camp Hope is done and although I think I’ve sufficiently rested and recovered from it, unfortunately my body is telling me that’s not at all the case. I’ve spent most of the last four days either sitting down or laying down, and although I really like doing that, I’m kinda exhausted by it. But first, let me share with you about my Camp Hope experience.

Each year I’ve been involved in a different way, kind of because I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in. For the longest time I thought I fit with the band, but when I sang with them this year, I didn’t feel that same feeling. I felt out of place and like I wasn’t really part of the band. It was kind of a bummer, but it wasn’t the only thing I was involved in. I got to lead the cabin guides in leading discussions with their groups. This was by far the most rewarding part of Camp Hope and I loved hearing the children share with their groups and with each other. Some of the kids really started to open up and I was so proud of them. Next year, I’m not sure how I’ll be involved, or if I’ll even be involved. We’ll see where God is calling me, and if he calls me back to Camp Hope, what area I’m called to serve in.

I’m hoping that during this next week with a somewhat normal schedule I’ll be able to fully recover and feel good in anticipation for school starting in two weeks!