A Week of Learning

One of the best things about going to FPU is that it’s really easy to get involved doing things you want to do with the rest of your life. They empower you with the necessary skill set to be involved to the fullest too. So, when I took on this youth job about a year a go, I felt totally ill-prepared. However, as I was planning curriculum, figuring out what kinds of events we’d do, and doing what I could to help the trust process happen a little more quickly, I realized that everything I learned in class was being directly applied to my life. I remembered reading books about how certain activities appeal to different groups of kids and how when planning curriculum you should plan for more activities than you think necessary. It all came back to me.

So, this last week, when I took my youth kids to Detroit with another group and everything seemed to be going very wrong (I got really sick and wasn’t with the kids most of the time, our flights were very delayed, some kids had to spend the night in the Phoenix airport), I remembered it would all be okay. Everything that was happening was just adding to their experience, and would make the trip more unforgettable for the kids, and an even bigger lesson for me to learn. It wasn’t going wrong, it just wasn’t going according to my plans. It would be an even better story to tell, because I came out of the experience with a different perspective and more practical experience. I can’t wait to see what my senior year in college brings, especially since FPU is really empowering me as a leader, and transforming my life.