A Week of Adventures

Well, I am currently on a plane on my way to Detroit right now. For the last year, this trip has seemed so far into the future that I haven’t thought much about it. In fact, it didn’t really start to set in until about 7:30 last night when I realized I still wasn’t packed and was leaving in 3 hours. So, then I decided it was time to get ready. However, I didn’t want to spend my last week before Detroit stressed out about different things. I wanted to enjoy it. So, I decided to use my “weekend” (which happened to be Wednesday and Friday) to do things I enjoyed. I finished up the bracelets for the youth on the trip, I watched a lot of House, I avoided cleaning my room, and I even managed to make a trip to Yosemite possible with the boyfriend. Although we got a late start and had to come home early for different reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was much needed in a lot of ways and really energized me for this week to come. So if you think about it, pray for me this next week. Pray that I am patient with the adults and students on the trip. Pray that I am able to “go with the flow” even when the schedule says otherwise. Pray that I will experience God in a different way. And pray that the kids I’m taking not only enjoy the trip, but also learn something about their faith in the process. I’m looking forward to seeing what God is already doing among us and what he will do in the week to come.


P.S. That picture describes our relationship perfectly. 🙂