Year In Review

Well, today is a special day. It marks my brother’s 20th birthday (Happy Birthday Daniel!), and my 52nd week of blogging. Imagine that, you guys have been with me for a whole year now. You’ve gotten a taste of my life and gotten to see a little bit about what life on the Fresno Pacific University campus is like. Let me share with you a few of the things I’ve learned from blogging over the last year.

  1. I used to hate writing, so when I agreed to start blogging, I don’t know what I was thinking. However, over the year I’ve come to enjoy it and look forward to it, not dread it like I used to.
  2. Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to blog about. Sure 1,000,000 things happen during the week, but what’s worth my time, and your time to write and read about?
  3. Sometimes even when I know what I want to share with you all, I don’t know how to put it into words.
  4. I found that it’s the little things that will change my attitude for the week and influence the blog (like donuts!).
  5. It’s hard to take pictures of squirrels. They move faster than you think.
  6. Sometimes things happened on campus that I didn’t even know about. It’s a bummer though because they would have been fun to blog about.
  7. Although many people may not read my blog, it’s still worth posting for those who do read and enjoy it.
  8. Although I’d love to share some stuff with you all, some of it’s just too personal to be online. So, I do my best to articulate what I’m experiencing without getting graphic and all emotional on you.
  9. Blogging is best to do first thing, unless you know something awesome is going to happen. Otherwise, it gets to the end of the day, and let’s face it, I’m just ready to go to bed!
  10. I try to see Christ in all that I do. Some blogs outright mention what this means for my faith, and others don’t. But my hope is that you would be able to see Christ in a similar situation you may have had.

Thanks to those of you who read this blog every week, and thanks to those of you who read it on occasion. It means a lot to me that there’s people out there who want to know about what’s going on, and they aren’t just my family. I look forward to writing throughout the next school year and being able to share more about my experience as a senior (that came fast!)!