Trains, Dresses, Shoes and Books

So by now you’ve probably figured out that I’m a little lazy. But hey, it’s summer! Let me preface this post by saying that some of my friends think that I need to get out and do fun things and go adventuring. So, here’s an adventure story and proof that I am not extremely lazy! Yesterday was one of the best days yet. Since everyone in my family had the day off, which is a rare event, we decided to take a trip. Our options were either go to Yosemite and go hiking or to go to Superior Dairy on the train. Our family hasn’t had much time together as the four of us, and so either option was a good idea. We ended up going to Hanford on the train. While we were there, since we had quite a bit of time, we decided to go thrifting and I found a really cute dress for cheap (I also really like deals). Then we had lunch together at the local McDonald’s and went to the park to wait for our food to settle. We got more ice cream than we could eat, and while we were eating it watched kids swim in the fountain, and homeless people wander about. It was very relaxing to be able to just sit and watch people without thinking of the thousands of things I need to do this week. No, really the thousands of things I need to do. So as we walked around the city and eventually ended up at the train station waiting for our train it was a good day. Then, after delays and having to wait for other trains, we made it back to Fresno. As I got home there were two packages for me, which made me excited. They were things that I had ordered a while ago and were finally coming in. Both pairs of Toms shoes came in as well as a book from the Hidden Cash guy. I’m excited to read the book and wear the shoes, but I’m most excited that I could be present for our family time together.