The Best Week of Summer Yet

Well, it’s Wednesday and the blog just posted. That means one of three things. The first is that I had nothing to write about, which isn’t at all true. The second is that I was too busy with life to write the post, which is maybe only halfway true. And the third is that I was just too lazy to write. This, my friends, is entirely true. This last week was pretty incredible (and yes I am still writing about Tuesday-Monday, you’ll have to wait to hear about Tuesday and Wednesday’s adventures next week), and I would say it could be filed under “The Best Week of Summer Yet.” “Why is that, Sara?” you might ask. Well, if you just keep reading, you’ll find out.

First off, every time I do something in the office at school, if it’s something outside of my “normal” duties, lately I’ve been saying I’d do said task for donuts, while only half joking around. However, no one took me seriously until Wednesday. Everyone usually laughs and says, oh that’s funny, but never follows through with it. However, when I walked into the office on Wednesday, there were donuts. It was glorious! Of course, I have Brandie to thank for those. It was magical, and it definitely made my day.

Then on Thursday, I went to the Apple Store. Yes, I had to go again. My computer was doing a few funky things and I figured I better get it all checked out before my warranty expires and it costs me an arm and a leg to get anything done. I complained enough to Anthony who was helping me about the problems from back in February (remember those?) that they never fixed, and after being on the phone with Apple Care for 45 minutes -.- I walked back into the store, and walked out with Microsoft Office. It was another lucky day for me! Finally my computer would be restored to it’s original working self, at least for now.

It seemed to be a lucky streak because on Friday I walked into work and there were donuts yet again! Steven of course had to help the team in celebrating National Donut Day, and boy was I thrilled to be part of the celebration. Three days in a row! How could I get so lucky???

Then on Sunday, the youth group and I kicked off summer with a swim party. It was fun to splash around in the water, hang out, and get to talk with some of the adults from the congregation for a little bit for a change, instead of only the youth.

So, that’s why this last week will be filed under “The Best Week of Summer Yet.” Although I am sure there’s some weeks coming up that will come close or maybe even take that title. Who knows? We’ll all find out together!