What do I do with ALL this Time?

One of my favorite parts of summer is the amount of time I have. This means that I have more time to not only watch Netflix, and knit baby hats or blankets, or whatever I may think of at that particular moment, but I have more time to work. Now, work for me looks different than most student’s summer work schedule. I’m not working weird hours, or late into the night, or full  eight hour shifts, but I do have more time to do what I love. Yes, you read me right. Love. I really enjoy what I do. Being a youth director means that I have more time to spend with my kiddos and even more time to make their programming the best it can possibly be. I also have more time to work at the school. Because I’m not restricted now by class times and can work as much as they need me to. So, this last week I got to help with the TUG cover photo shoot. Every few years this photo shoot happens to make sure that the University is using new photos on each of the covers of the TUG guides. You’ve probably received one or three in the mail by now if you’re a prospective student, or if you are a current student. I got to help carry stuff around, make sure everyone had signed the right waivers, and the best part is I got to share some of my cow jokes with the students who were modeling for the shots. They even allowed me to be in some of the shots, so if they end up on the website or in a brochure or guide, I will be sure to show you or direct you to them! Anyways, that’s all for now, I’ll let you know more about my summer next week!


  1. Oosteen, really. Natural (rational) theology which denies a revealed Christ is apologetics from a condition of blindness. How does one find faith without revelation? Apologetics is not what happens among friends….Are you not aware that Oosteen’s rational theology is what Aquinas did to Aristotelian (Pagan) philosophy, contaminating Christianity with pagan thought? It has nothing to do with the first or second century Christianity. A “theology” that muzzles the voice of God by denying his power also binds Him. Would you really want to restrain God to the rational alone. Can we not endure a God who is beyond rational? No. He cannot be mystical or deal in them. A god beyond Oosteen’s own capacities of reasoning, he cannot allow. Isn’t time you got yourself an esteemed Mormon?

    1. Here you have only sustained an illusion of newness when so, so often in this fringe theology the message (whatever it might be) has been consumed by the incessant planning of entertainment. Such noise. Understanding begins with an appreciation for Science and logic. Our 3 year olds (Sunbeams) are busy with science and logic. Turn up the signal, turn down the noise.

  2. What I don’t understand is why FPU requires the BIB courses as part of all degrees conferred but then charges two to three times more per unit in tuition for these particular courses. My daughter was in the degree completion program at FPU and was charged nearly $1200 for one 3 unit BIB studies class. If you’re going to require them, regardless of major, shouldn’t they be free or at a reduced rate??? It’s the Christian thing to do.

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