May the Fourth Be With You

Today is May the 4th, but it is also the start of finals week. It’s a big day to say the least.
May the Fourth-It’s a Star Wars day, and yes I understand the reference even though I’ve only watched all the movies completely through once. It’s a day of different kinds of celebrations on campus such as wear your homemade Star Wars costume to school and of course the 2nd Annual Light Saber Duel in the Forest. Both these events exist because it is May 4, but it is also a way to help relieve the stress from finals and final papers due. It’s a way to find our inner child again and give us all a break as we have had to make many adult decisions in the last few days or really years I guess.
The Beginning of Finals Week-It’s only four days. Three days after today. Then two days after tomorrow. And finally one day after the day after that. It is so close, I can almost taste it. However, there’s still papers, exams and classes to attend before I can really celebrate. But let me tell you, when Thursday at 2:00 comes, I will be ecstatic, I will probably go to…bed early.
Sunbirds, we are so close, I know you can do it! Good luck, and may the fourth be with you!