I’m Not Panicking…YET!

There’s only two weeks until finals, and then after finals, the semester will be done. I cannot believe how time has literally flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was packing my backpack for the first day of the semester, but it was 98 days ago. So, realistically I should be freaking out trying to finish the papers that are due in the next 17 days, but I’m not. I’m not because I know they will get done, and I know I won’t be pulling any all-nighters to get them done. I know that I can sit back and relax a bit because I am not in panic mode…yet.

So, last week, I decided to go to the Love Ran Red concert at the Save Mart Center. Rend Collective Experiment, Tenth Avenue North, and Chris Tomlin were the bands, and I absolutely loved it. Honestly I went more for Rend Collective Experiment and Tenth Avenue North, but Chris Tomlin was really good too. I liked the time of worship and the time to not worry about the list of things I have left to do. It was a wonderful four hours or so and I am so glad I went.

Over the weekend to avoid that to-do list, I worked at Vintage Days (I know, I’m a traitor) and spent some time walking around with Patrick and his family. It was nice to see what other people had created and really put time into, and it inspired me to create some stuff at home with all that I have craft supply wise. If only the end of the semester could get here sooner! Already I have a to-do list for the summer of fun things I want to do, and cannot wait to get started on all of those things. I know that the summer will fly by just as fast as the semester has, but let me tell you, I’m ready to relax!