Did someone say ice cream?

Sometimes you show up to class, and it doesn’t go as planned. Either that’s by the teacher’s plan, or the student’s plan, or both. This last week, class did not at all go according to plan, and that was okay! On Wednesday, I walked into my Ministry Discernment class, which is only three students, to be told that as we were filling out an inventory, our professor was going to get ice cream. Now that did not sound fair to me, and because I wanted ice cream, I convinced him to take us with him! We left the office, where our class meets, to go to the forest to get some ice cream. We socialized a little bit with other professors and students and made our way back to class to do the inventory. Granted that meant there was a little bit more for us to do at home, but I don’t think any of us really minded it. It was nice to step outside the regularly scheduled programming and do something out of spontaneity. After all, ministry majors need to be flexible and figure out how to rework their plans, especially when it comes to ice cream!

But then in reality, when does anything ever go as planned? I know the more checklists I make, the more I try to plan things, the more I get disappointed. God laughs at my plans, and usually uses my plans to do something much more meaningful and wonderful in my life and the lives of others. I can’t wait to see where else God changes my plans around!