Not My Spring Break

So this week is not Spring Break for FPU, and honestly it is kind of frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, when we had Spring Break two weeks ago, it was greatly needed and appreciated. However, something about this week being the time when it feels like literally every other school is on Spring Break (except for some UC’s) is frustrating. Had I not been in classes this week, there were two different mission opportunities I could have been a part of. The first was to go to Mexico to partner with a church in Santa Isabel to do a Vacation Bible School with my boyfriend’s church from Easton. However, since I had classes all week, I couldn’t exactly just leave the country. The other opportunity I had was to help out with something much closer to home, a thing called BreakAway. It is an in-town mission trip sort of thing that I participated with the last five years, I think. What’s unique about this “trip” is that the kids stay in these massive fire fighter tents, have meals and worship and hear from a speaker as one body, and then are sent out around the city to do a variety of different projects. It’s a place where you meet with kids from all over the city that have a heart for service, just like you, or me in this case. So, needless to say, I am a little bummed out that I am sitting in classrooms all day learning about ministry instead of being out in the community doing ministry. However, I am choosing to look at this week as an opportunity to live my faith out a little differently. Since I cannot do hands-on service projects while in class, I’ve decided to finish some hats to donate to local hospitals as well as live my faith out wherever I go, including the Apple store ._. (Just wait, I’ll blog about my experience there soon!). Hopefully those around me can see my faith shining through no matter where I am, all the time.