Spring Break is Here!

Spring Break is finally here, and boy was I needing it. As the break got closer and closer, I kept thinking of all the time I would have to get ahead on homework and to be able to relax and sleep in, but boy have I been fooled. My break started off a little differently than most of my peers’ breaks did. Instead of going home, I went to camp with my one elementary school student. I also got to be with my home church which was really nice as we hiked together, played together, and told stories together. We had a blast that first weekend of break, but boy was I exhausted when I came home. That meant that three days of break were gone, and only seven more to go! Monday came and went as well. It was filled with a doctor’s appointment, an Apple appointment (don’t even get me started), an interview and a double date with some really cool people, especially the boyfriend. Needless to say I was busy and have been busy ever since break started. There wasn’t even a second to write the blog yesterday, oops!

Today felt a little more like break, however. I was able to sleep in a little bit, read for one of my classes, finish some of the knit caps that have been waiting for my attention, eat a decent lunch and go into work at FPU today before 1:00. Then I came home to spend time with my mom. We went to dinner, got the car washed, picked up medications, and watched some NCIS as I was knitting. Although it seemed busy at times, today really felt like break, and it was fulfilling. I didn’t spend all day sleeping, or all day doing homework, but I felt like there was a good balance of both, even though I should have done more homework today… I’m looking forward to what these next few days will bring among the busy and the laid-back, and I hope that spring break doesn’t pass by too quickly!