Things I Love-Part 6 Celebrations

Something I love about the Fresno Pacific campus is that it is small enough that you know people. This means that when someone gets engaged, gets a wonderful new job, or has a birthday (like me) it’s a community thing! One of the first things that surprised me this morning was Garrison singing “Happy Birthday” to me in the forest on my way to class. Then as I walked into the classroom the class and professor wished me a happy birthday. I’m sure Facebook had something to do with many people remembering when it was, but still. The fact that whenever I walk into a building or room, there’s someone that wishes me a happy birthday is kind of special, and that’s not because I am popular. I promise. It’s also pretty cool that over the weekend as I was posting pictures of different things that I was doing throughout the week, my coworkers and friends were asking about my birthday weekend activities, and I could talk about them with excitement and not have to give a lot of backstory.

It’s pretty cool that there’s a whole community of people that are willing and ready to celebrate with you regardless of what it is they are celebrating. I am so thankful for all the different ways I got to celebrate over this last weekend and will continue to get to celebrate over this next week. I’m also extremely thankful that there are lots of people I can celebrate with and share memories with. FPU is like a church. We weather a lot of different seasons together including birthdays, weddings, baby announcements, midterms, finals, commencement, friends getting hurt and getting better and many other things. I guess in a church we don’t all go through midterms, finals, and commencement but the youth all do, and we go through it together! That is why I am so thankful to have turned 21 on the Monday before spring break. I have a lot of different people I can celebrate with and who I know really do care about me.