So, remember a few weeks back when I had a whole blog about the #tablegate? Well, this is a follow-up to that blog where I would like to introduce to you, The Table 2.0. Today was the ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication for The Table 2.0. Many people were present at the ceremony to honor and celebrate all that The Table 2.0 will offer the people who sit at it. I’ve already forgotten the exact order of things, so I apologize to all involved if the order I have written is incorrect (School got the best of me this afternoon.)

The time started off with Pam Johnston sharing a few words about what makes this table so different than all the other tables on campus. Tim Neufeld then led us in creating a theology of The Table, and led us in singing our dedicatory prayer. After he blessed our time together, a few people shared their experience at the table and what it means to them. It was fun to hear where The Table 1.0 came from and all that has occurred at The Table 1.0 as well as the Facebook conversations that were about that table. Then we moved on to the ribbon cutting ceremony. I was honored to have been nominated to cut the ribbon, and did so. Once the ribbon was cut, we shared in some light refreshments including some awesome punch, a table cake, and some cookies. All in all it was a great way to spend some time this afternoon.

I think what I enjoyed most, well maybe less than actually cutting the ribbon, was seeing all the people that were there for the dedication and ribbon-cutting. The builder of The Table 1.0 AND The Table 2.0 was there, many people who have used The Table to its full tableness and other staff and faculty members who have witnessed its constant use. We came together as a community, around a table, which is pretty darn biblical if I do say so myself.