I think the best things in life are some of the things that are unplanned or don’t take much effort to plan. This last week I was overwhelmed with trying to catch up from missing classes on Friday and Monday due to being in Detroit for a conference for work, where it was very cold I might add, as well as trying to not get behind in the classes I did still have to go to. I was trying to do more work than my schedule ever allowed! The time it took to read the different books, write the different responses, and sit in class seemed to add up to more than 24 hours, and that wasn’t including any of the time I was working either of my two jobs! So, needless to say, when Patrick (the boyfriend) invited me to go meet and visit with some of his family for an all day trip, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t think it would be time well-spent for me, and I felt I would be stressed out about all I still had to do. Well part of that was true. I was a little stressed because I had so much to do still, but it was definitely time well spent. I met 9 of his 11 cousins who are all from one family, and got to spend time with Patrick and his family all day. Yes you read that right, there’s 11 children! So many people in one house! It was a nice break from everything that was going on. It was nice to take a day to do nothing but enjoy creation, the desert, family, and just being present.

When I came to school today, I was not real excited about what Monday meant. It meant that there were ten classes I had to attend (this week), lots and lots of reading to do for classes, and a few papers to write, as well as meetings to attend. It is, after all, the start to yet another week. However, my first professor helped start the week off better than anticipated. He surprised the class of 9 with donuts, which were a great way to start the day! Then, when I went into work, I was surprised to see my boss Laura who has been on disability leave for the last month. I have missed her so much, and it was great to see her smile and hear her laugh.

I think this is the way God helps to remind me that it’s all going to be okay. I have a lot of wonderful people speaking into my life telling me that, but sometimes I need little reminders, and the last 72 hours were filled with them. The last few days have been filled with many little surprises, and I wouldn’t change it for the world! God’s got it all figured out, and is going to help make the weeks bearable and enjoyable filled with little surprises all along the way.