Meet My Friend Allison


IMG_4020For this week’s blog, I’d like to talk about one of my best friends! She’s pretty awesome, pretty awkward, and pretty much totally on fire for God (she says rockin’ too). I haven’t known her for long, but I couldn’t imagine life without her. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with each other because we both live very busy lives with school, jobs, and being involved in our churches. However, there is one hour every week in between our classes on Tuesday nights where we can spend time together, check in with each other and share a meal together. It’s not much, but it is probably one of my favorite hours each week. We also have a few classes together, and she encourages me to persevere and do my best in each of the classes I have. Every conversation I have with her is full of laughter, awkward moments, where God is working in our lives, and a look at the real things each of us are struggling with. It’s probably some of the most real talk I have each week, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I say she’s pretty much totally on fire for God, that means that she is listening to God’s call on her life. Sometimes that call is easy to hear and sometimes it’s not, but no matter what is going on in her life, she is listening as intently as she possibly can. We’ve been on some adventures, but I look forward to so many more. I am so thankful to FPU for giving me the place to meet this incredible woman of God, Allison Camden. She is the most amazing person you will ever meet.

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  1. Timely suggestions , Speaking of which if you need to fill out a HI N-848 , my colleagues filled out and esigned a fillable version here

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