My 21st First Day of School

Well, today is the day. The first day of the next semester. The day when everyone dresses really nicely to impress people, but then in two weeks it’s casual Friday everyday for everyone. The first day of my sixth semester of college, and man has it flown by fast. I can’t believe that I only have three semesters left, including this one, until I graduate. Let me tell you. I am excited to be back at school only because I’m looking forward to the routine of things. However, I’m not excited about the homework. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to learn and grow as a person, but not excited for the late nights, the frustrating assignments, or the points in the semester when I just want to give up. As I am looking at the syllabi that I currently have (only two of them), I am overwhelmed with the number of pages I will have to read, the number of pages I will have to write, or the number of assignments I have to turn in. Not to mention the number of hours I will spend outside of school working on getting things done in time. Yet, I know that as the semester progresses it will all be routine and natural as I resume my naturally busy, yet fun, schedule!