Things I Love-Part 4

I love the time we get off for Christmas. I love that it’s not just the week prior to and after Christmas and there really is a chance to spend time with family. I love that there’s a month of days to sleep in (not really, but potentially), and I love that there’s time for me to just be. Time to knit if I want to. Time to read books that are not assigned for classes, although I sometimes enjoy those too. Time to work on projects I started but didn’t have a chance to finish. Time to be with people I enjoy being around. It’s pretty awesome to be able to be still and enjoy all that’s going on around me and not be rushing to the next event, although sometimes that still happens. I am looking forward to Christmas. I’m looking forward to the Christmas Eve service, to Christmas morning with our traditions and our family dinner, and to being around close friends and extended family this season. I am looking forward to making more memories and taking more pictures to look back on in the future. I especially love this vacation, and the time we’ve been given for it.