Things I Love-Part 3

IMG_3291 - Version 2

I know I’ve talked about it before, but one of my favorite things about going to Fresno Pacific is working on campus. I think it’s because the portion of my job description that says “Other Duties as Assigned” has presented some awesome opportunities. At first I thought that just meant being able to participate in the office Christmas party, but I quickly learned that “Other Duties As Assigned” meant cleaning up an event at the Convention Center, representing the school at the Skillet concert at the fair, setting up a surprise baby shower, decorating a Christmas tree, and oh yeah and being in and helping with photo shoots on the ground as well as on top of some of the school’s buildings. The picture above was taken on top of East Hall last week as I helped Jared take pictures for the website, and the ones below are some of those other duties as assigned.

IMG_3315Granted none of these things are part of a normal work day for me, but when these other duties come up, I am more than excited to help with them.

This is like our faith. We sign up to follow Christ without always knowing what it will be like. We see the things that following Christ might look like between reading the Bible and looking at others’ lives. We have an idea of what we are signing up for, and then Christ calls us out of our comfort zone. He calls us to do something that we haven’t done before, or known about before. He assigns us to other duties that we may have never signed up for. Those other duties often times help us grow in our faith and help shapes us to be the people we are today.

I love the “other duties as assigned” in both my work life and my spiritual life, and I cannot wait to see what other duties get assigned to me in the future.