Things I Love-Part 2

Veveričky (pronounced vev-er-ich-key in Slovak) or squirrels. Whenever I walk around the campus, it’s fun to see them scurry by away from the students walking around. Occasionally you can sneak up on them, and get pictures, but because I was not able to capture a good picture fast enough, you’ll get to look at one of the squirrels I found online.


I think the fact that the squirrels are so scared of people is a good reminder in life. Like the squirrels, we never know who to trust. When we do trust someone, sometimes we are hurt, frustrated, or learn from the experience, just like the squirrels. Right now, with everything going on, I am trying my best to not scurry from what is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or upsetting in my life. It’s too easy to scurry to my house or the church where I can just be left alone to do my own thing. I’m trying to trust people and experiences that it will be the best learning experiences for me. It’s not always the easiest, but God has called me to be right here right now, and if I scurry, I am ignoring God’s call on my life. So, join me in being present and not scurrying from all that you want to avoid right now.