No Motivation

Motivation. It is currently something I don’t have enough of right now. Already a quarter of the semester is over, which means I should be into the swing of things with class, work and my social life, but somehow that’s not the case. I don’t have any motivation to do anything. No motivation to do homework (especially the papers due tomorrow). No motivation to sit at a computer screen for hours processing jobs. No motivation to drive home to clean up the house. No motivation to really even go to classes. No motivation for really much of anything. It’s a little bit frustrating because this is something that I haven’t struggled with in the past, and currently there’s so much that I need to do, yet don’t want to. I’m hoping that it’s just a phase and that one day soon, I’ll have a lot of motivation to get things done! Until then, I will keep procrastinating (only a little though)!