Mission Trip to Fresno

Each summer for the past six years I have gone on some sort of big trip. Those trips range from summer camp to a conference with my church to a big family vacation to a mission trip out of the country. This summer, however, I didn’t really have the time to go on a big trip due to a few different factors, and when the summer started I was kind of bummed. I spent the summer so far looking at pictures from my friends in all the different countries they were traveling, to explore or serve and I felt like my summer was meaningless. After all, it seemed like I was only working and spending time with my friends. But, as I reflect back over my last week and summer so far, that is not the case at all.  I went to summer camp with the junior high kids at church back in June, I went to an apartment complex down the street to play with kids one week, and I’ve been staying at people’s homes and watching their animals so they can have a vacation. All in all, I wasn’t just working and hanging out with friends. I was serving, in a bunch of different ways.

This last week I spent a lot of my free time helping set up for my church’s vbs. I don’t know how many hours I was at the church sitting or standing as I painted murals, put together trees, decorated the stage, helped get things ready in the preschool room, or even practiced the motions and songs for the week. I spent the last week in service, on my own mission trip right here in Fresno. Sure I’m not going out of the country to share God’s word, because instead I am sharing God’s love and word with kids in town that need to hear it just as much as kids in another country.