A Summer Update

It is week two of summer and I am already starting to feel a little lazy. It feels weird not having to work on homework or study for tests because my academics are a huge part of my life. Speaking of which, I did technically get straight A’s this semester, but I no longer have 4.0 G.P.A. While some people would think this isn’t a big deal, to me it is a little disappointing. I ended up getting two A’s and three A-‘s, and unfortunately the minus sign counts towards your G.P.A. in college. I know this is still a great report card, but it just reminds me that classes are getting harder and harder and I’m not always going to get perfect grades. I know that this is okay though because college is supposed to be hard. Now that it’s summer, it’s nice to take a break from worrying about my grades. I finally have time to do other things for myself.

One of the things that I’m really working on this summer is getting healthy. Time and time again I told myself I would work out during the school year, but I was never able to get into a routine. I would go to the gym a few times, but then I would tell myself that I could be using the time to do more important things like sleep or study. The truth is, no matter how busy you are, you make time for the things you care about. I have been trying to exercise this summer because I truly want to get stronger and feel confident about my body. I am excited that I have been finding activities that have actually been a lot of fun.

For instance, last weekend I participated in my very first 5K. Anyone who knows me would laugh because they know how much I hate running. But it wasn’t a normal 5k; it was a color run. Color runs are a relatively new type of event that have been popping up throughout the country. While running, groups of people squirt colored powder on the runners and by the time they reach the finish line, their whole bodies are covered like a rainbow. People of all ages participate and dress up in fun outfits. Music is also playing the whole time and at the end of the run there is a dance party.

I did the run in Visalia with two of my best friends, Ryann and Taylor. We ran about half the distance and walked about half. It was a little difficult because there were a lot of people we had to maneuver around and it was blazing hot. However, we were able to finish in about 35 minutes, which we thought was a good time because we aren’t exactly professional runners. Overall, we had a blast and hope to do it again!

My goal is to continue to exercise regularly throughout the summer. Even though it may not always be as exciting as The Color Run, I know it will be worth to get in shape.