Changes in the New Year

Happy New Year! Can you believe the year is 2014? I don’t know about you, but I feel really old. I remember being a little girl and thinking that by now everyone would be flying around on hovercrafts. It seemed so far into the future to me. But now that I’m a little older, I don’t really feel like much has changed. Sometimes I still feel like I’m a child. I’ve learned so much, and yet I still have so many questions about the world around me. This is a unique stage of my life because I am learning how to truly take care of myself and others.While I still may not know completely what I’m doing with my life, I can’t help but feel like I’m at the right place. 

Now, as I begin the spring semester, I am realizing that I will have to adjust to a few changes. For one, I have three new residents, which is very exciting! They all seem to be very nice girls. Two of them are from Fresno and so they already are connected into the school, but one of them is an international student from France! She doesn’t speak much English, but is very sweet and polite. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in her position. I would feel very overwhelmed and lonely. She seems to be handling her move well, though. I look forward to getting to know each of them better.

Another change this semester will be having different classes. This semester I am taking Chemistry 2, Christian Leadership, Biblical Literature: Revelation, Sport First Aid and Statistics. My classes will be a lot of work, but I’m not too concerned about them. I think it’s awesome that I have two classes where I get to read the Bible. It is so helpful to have an expert to help me understand what I’m reading. For instance, I’ve always been afraid to read the book of Revelation because I’ve heard that it is extremely complicated and scary. Hopefully after taking the class I will understand it a little bit better. Sport First Aid seems like it will be fun as well because I am finally in a class with all kinesiology majors. I am looking forward to learning about injuries and becoming CPR certified.

The final major change I am facing is not being able to see my boyfriend Dominic very much. Because of finances, Dominic was unable to live on campus this semester, and so he’s commuting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with a group of friends. I think it will great for him to be at home more, but it also means that I will only get to see him for about an hour on the three days that he is here. I will also see him every other weekend. Compared to those who are in long-distance relationships, I know this isn’t a tragic situation. However, it will be difficult for me because I have gotten so used to having him around every day. I am trying to stay positive about the situation, though. This will allow me to cherish the times that I am with him and see how strong our relationship is.

With all of these changes in mind, I am looking to God to help me have a good semester. For I know that He is watching over me and giving me strength everyday. Through the good and the bad, I will always praise Him and I hope you will too in the upcoming year.




  1. I’m looking for a Christian college for my daughter & this is exactly what I’m looking for from the administration. Clarity. We’ll be taking a closer look at your school because you stand for biblical principles & are not willing to succumb to the winds of change going around in our secular society. God Bless & I hope you have a great school year!

  2. Puzzled, please tell me why it is “They” don’t attend church, as I’m itching to hear your insight…

    What concerns me the most here is that our president is willing to allow us to possibly lose our government assistance (Which majority of students depend on) just to continue to uphold his bigoted and ignorant view on gay-marriage.

    Unless, that is, I misunderstood what the repercussions could/would be if FPU doesn’t eventually evolve with the rest of the nation on the topic of sexual orientation-based discrimination?

  3. Your resignation is a true blessing to this Christian organization. Hopefully others who have similar thought to yours will resign as well.

  4. Love the sinner not their choices! FPU has strong foundations and should not conform to those the world sees moral. As a FPU alumni I am disappointed in those that believe that supporting the choices and lifestyles of the LGBT community is the same as showing love. No where in Jesus’ teachings does he condone the immoral choices of a sinner, but instead he shows love to the person not their sins. And I think everyone can do a better job at showing love to all people!

  5. There is something that I as a non-Christian taxpayer, do not understand: why should my tax dollars be used to fund discrimination against me? I don’t ask churches to use their tithing dollars in a way that discriminates against them.

    If FPU wants funding from a secular source I contribute to (the federal budget), then it has to go by the secular rules that created it. If it does not want to go by those rules, our US Constitution guarantees their right to operate free of interference, but without government aid. That should be enough. Anything more is privileged treatment by our government of a religious institution, and that is specifically disallowed by the First Amendment.

  6. Take your gay-bashing Bible, stick it down your anti-gay bigot throat sideways and choke on it and then wash it down with Jesus Freak Kool-Aid.

  7. I graduated from Fpu in 2010. And I enjoyed my time there. I re-gained my faith because of Fpu and the people who guided me and supported me. I am glad to see that Fpu is staying true to the word of God and not being swayed with the ideas of acceptance that this world pushes on us everyday.

  8. Thanks for speaking the truth in love, Richard Kriegbaum. I am, and will always be a proud alumnus of this school! C/O 2001 and 2002

  9. I applaud Dr. Kriegbaum for taking a firm Christian stance. I am proud to be an adjunct faculty member and a financial supporter of such a fine Christian University! Well spoken Rich!

  10. So, you’re taking the “grace” position, that God loves us and we’re saved by grace. What about obedience? When Genesis, Leviticus, and Romans are quite clear on this issue, you want to focus on God’s love. You cannot spend your life focusing on love, and at the same time ignore God’s commandments.

    1. Janet, I think I read somewhere that you are the director of the peace program at FPU. It’s interesting to read your many comments here that promote anything but peace with your antagonistic remarks. You encourage all supporters to withdraw support, you imply that anyone you once had respect for no longer gets your respect because they disagree with you on this issue, etc. That is a poor basis for promoting peace and understanding. And not adhering to the truth of God’s Word on the subject doesn’t give you a Biblical basis for the work you are promoting.

  11. If you’re going to bring up the Beatitudes, you might want to learn them first. Skip Moen, D. Phil. Oxford; The Lucky Life…The Backwards Beatitudes, 2011.

  12. Why don’t you just give it up, Janet? You’ve already said you’re leaving FPU…so stop hijacking this blog and leave.

  13. Why bother following God’s laws about obedience? Genesis, Leviticus, and Romans speak of the lgbt community. You’re focusing on “love” as opposed to obedience. Right…

  14. I also browsed the post and found it in the same vein as those who are excited by it. But those who follow God’s Word carefully would find little to cheer about in that post.

  15. Brian, the epitome of Christ’s love is NOT supporting same sex marriage; it IS supporting the people who wish to practice it in spite of God’s Word. Richarad Kriegbaum does not indicate any animosity toward those people whatsoever. His stance is against the institution of it as a legal “right”. An honest examination of the Words of God reveals that, whether it fits in with our feelings or not, such lifestyles are not in accordance with God’s desires for His children.

  16. Who is Jesus? According to you, he must not be God. The Word of God is quite clear on where God stands on sexuality outside of marriage between a man and a woman. Jesus IS God and the entire Bible IS His Word. Just because Jesus didn’t talk about it during his moment of life as a man on this Earth as recorded by his apostles does not mean he had no opinion on the subject. Your argument is based on picking and choosing which parts of the Bible you wish to accept. I believe the entire Bible is God’s infallible Word which reveals to us His stand on everything. And I believe Satan uses such un-wise arguments to deceive us and pull us away from God.

    1. Is Jesus actually God, or is he the son of God (relationship). He can’t be both at the same time. Not trying to argue…just to understand. Thank you.

      1. First of all, my comment above about Who is Jesus was in reply to another post other than Anna’s. But when I clicked on reply to the post I had intended and posted my reply, I found it attached to Anna’s post instead. It sort of fits, but not as well as the one I had intended to reply to. That post had said something about Jesus never said anything about homosexuality during His ministry here on earth. And now, I can’t seem to find that post anyway.

        As for your question, Brian, there are two directions an answer could take. First, I believe, as has been the core of Christianity for centuries, that God is a triune God made up of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. I heard it compared once to mankind as we are made up of body, soul and spirit. If you accept that, as have so many through the centuries, then Jesus is God, not simply a separate being with a relationship to God. Therefore, anything God has said in His Word came from Jesus as well in his form as God.

        Second, if you don’t accept that, if you say that Jesus was a separate being as the son of God, then you deny His own statements and the prohecies about him and all the evidence to the contrary. Either He is God with His Father, or he is a separate being who cannot be god, because we worship the ONE true God of Abraham and so on. And if Jesus was not God incarnate, then He lied about His purpose and his death did nothing to bring us salvation in God’s eyes.

        The beauty of God’s plan for our salvation, in which He sent His Son to live among us and die for us, is that Jesus was indeed both God and man while He lived among us in physical form. If God is all powerful, why would you claim He can’t live among us in the physical form of a man and still be God? That’s what makes Jesus so unique in mankind’s history, and why His impact on all mankind is so pervasive and has survived in spite of the best efforts of those who wish to destroy Christianity. God sent Jesus as a part of Himself to experience life as a man and to create a path to redemption in God’s eyes for all of mankind. No other “person” has had the impact throughout the centuries like Jesus, a man we could know and still be God Himself.

        1. Thank you for responding to my question. Yes, I understand the church position; unfortunately, I’m going through a period of reflection that is an upheaval of all things previously believed. I’m just not sure that what the church espouses is entirely accurate. At this point, I’m not sure what to believe anymore. From youth to now: Methodist; Baptist; EV Free; Mennonite; New Covenant; Baptist; Messianic to nothing now. Actually, I’m 61, and terrified of dying and being separated from God because I didn’t “believe the ‘right’ thing.” Anyway, my problem in not knowing what to believe now is not your problem; it’s mine. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my initial post.

          1. The two key elements in our response to God’s good news in John 3:16 are 1) believing, and 2) in Him (Jesus). This, because of God’s love and gift of His Son, results in everlasting life — you become a forever person. It seems apparent from your post(s) that you believe in God, otherwise you wouldn’t be terrified by the thought of separation from Him. I would encourage you to simply bow your heart, mind (intellect), soul, and body (entire being) before our Lord and ask for His salvation, and the assurance of that salvation. As we surrender to His will, He is entirely able to save us, despite the deficiencies of our ability to fully comprehend Him or His truth. We are saved, by grace through faith, into a relationship with God. As we walk in submission and obedience that relationship grows, the Holy Spirit affirms and confirms us in our faith, and we realize we are saved not because of a theologically perfect position or understanding — but simple reception of Spirit revealed truth.

          2. I responded in a letter to Steve, David, and John; apparently, I cannot repost it three times. Thank you.

          3. Brian, your fears and honesty brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. God knows you and loves you. He sent His own Son to bear and your sins and reconcile you to the Father. Maybe that’s the only right thing we need to believe. Peace and blessings to you.

          4. First of all, I would very much like to thank Steve, David, and John for taking the time to read my posts. I am not looking to cause trouble or argue; rather, I’m just really confused after years of sitting in pews. And I’m also wondering about issues like the Trinity (below). Lastly, I appreciate the three of you and the time you’ve taken to not only read my concerns, but also to write me back. I don’t attend church anymore because I don’t know of any place that would listen to my fears; I’m quite doubtful of church “rhetoric.” Thank you.

            Much of my confusion lies with the Trinity. My biggest frustration is I don’t know WHAT to believe; The idea of the Trinity wasn’t really established until after the Council of Nicea around 381. It was never discussed by Jesus/Yeshua nor the Jews. The Trinity doctrine does NOT claim that Yeshua is “part” of the Godhead. It claims that God is indivisibly one BEING and that all three persons in the ONE BEING are equally God, not parts of God. Secondly, the Trinitarian view does NOT claim that “Jesus” gave up his divinity in order to become a man. It claims that while he did empty himself, he nonetheless remained fully God — and fully Man. He was not a disguised God in human form nor a human being who was never God. He is both at once. How that works itself out is a “mystery.” The Trinitarian doctrine does NOT claim that Yeshua and the Spirit are “manifestations” of the ONE God. It claims that Yeshua and the Holy Spirit are separate but equal “persons” in the ONE GODHEAD. That, by the way, is the whole problem in a nutshell.

            None of this discussion changes the role of the Messiah, his authority (granted to him), his atonement, his Lordship, his relationship to Israel, his function in the creation or the fact that he existed before the creation of the world. Nor does it change the attribute “divine” when properly understood as the term elohim. Even Yeshua uses that term to attribute a role to men.

            I always understood the church’s position was the Trinity was three separate, distinct persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Yet, it seems that since God is a spirit (not physical), then Jesus/Yeshua is the physical manifestation of God’s glory, and the Holy Spirit is the invisible manifestation of God’s Glory. They are not three persons.

            So, here’s my real question: Are Yeshua and the Holy Spirit “persons” in the GODHEAD, individually identifiable but equally fully God? Does that make sense? What biblical support does it have? Thank you~

        2. I responded in a letter to you, Steve, and David. Apparently, I cannot repost it three times. Thank you.

  17. I firmly agree with your stance that to follow Jesus means to love all others, and I try to follow that principle. However, that doesn’t mean I also have to love the sin in each person’s life. All of us have sin in our lives, whether publicly noticed or not. I have had some friends who were gay, though not always did I know it for a fact. That doesn’t prevent me from enjoying their friendship and loving them as God does.
    Many of the examples of bigotry you cite are not really valid in you argument. Just because some people or groups were mislead in their beliefs or actions doesn’t make a villain of God, only of the misguided.
    Standing for God’s command in His Word that we are not to murder others is not oppression of the murderers. Standing by God’s Word as to his purpose for marriage is not oppression of the people who wish to change His design. These are examples of honoring God by following His Word whether it makes us comfortable or not. And again, as a reminder to all who post here, loving all people regardless of their stance on His principles is part of following Him, just as standing against the actions God finds offensive but forgives each of us for, whether it be murder, lust, disrespect, and so on.

  18. According to John Loewen (below), you’re the director of the PEACE program ! Really? I can’t believe that you, who espouse such antagonism, are not only involved in the Peace program, but you are the DIRECTOR! What a joke! It’s like Hillary being Secretary of State, yet, she doesn’t know what emails are “classified” or not! Are you kidding me? How you got that job/title is evidence enough that your “Peace Program” is a farce; You should RESIGN…

  19. What proof do you have of Trump and the correlation of the verse referring to the love of money? Using money is not the same as the love of money. Proof….please?

  20. Thank you Dr. Kriegbaum, for your thoughtful, principled, biblical, and irenic statement on the changes that are taking place in our country politically, and how we as Christians must respond to them. Your vision and leadership are appreciated! Be encouraged that our “I AM” was, is, and will always be unchanged, through the shifting sands of human folly and cultural change, and He is forming and shaping His character in our eternal lives even in the midst of all that opposes Him and His will as revealed in the Scriptures. Be blessed!

  21. Has it been proven that gayness has a biological basis? I don’t see a biological, genetic, or Biblical basis for God creating homosexuals. Evidence points to homosexual behavior as being chosen or emerging out of extreme stress.

  22. I have been alerted that there is a Brian Bennett in this discussion that is posting things that I may not agree with. Please be aware that there are often people with the same names that have very different views on issues. I am not joining this blog other to defend my name against statements attributed to me that were made by a different Brian Bennett. If you wish to hear my viewpoint on this subject we can meet face to face in a non passive aggressive manner and have a mature, adult conversation.

  23. I don’t think you are doing your university or your church a service with this article First, the idea that the United States migtht have been a christian nation until the moment the Supreme Court ruled that gays have as much a right to marry as straight people is absurd. What about slavery and centuries of opresson of black people. What about this nation’s current indiffernce to the poor, the prisoners, the widows? What about its glorification of wealth and power? In what way did you see these things and think “christian?” And how is it that your equate your absurd reaction to a supreme court ruling as being “christ-like.” What exactly did Christ have to say about gays, except perhaps his willingess to heal the centurians servant? Nothing. He never condemned homosexuals. I read this passagel and all I see is is a privleged man, wedded to his privilege, and feeling that if he let’s the possiblity of opressing others slip from his fingers, he has lost something very precious. And all this he equates with being “Christlike.” I am disappointed, and saddened.

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