Fall Has Arrived

I have reached the half-way mark for the semester, which is pretty remarkable. My weeks have sped by and a lot has been going on in the past month or so. Classes are going well, I think. I’ve been doing extremely well in my biology class, which again proved to me that I need to stop doubting my abilities. My theater appreciation class is pretty wild. My teacher is very dramatic (I should have expected that!), so our lectures are pretty entertaining. Ancient Civilizations is my least favorite subject, but my teacher is phenomenal because he thinks very highly of his students and does whatever he can to help us out. My last class, Personal Finance, is very boring, but I think any class would be boring at 6-9 at night. It is helpful to learn about things like taxes and insurance though, because I previously had no clue about how they worked. I think I did a good job choosing my classes, but I keep hoping I won’t have anymore  8 a.m. classes in the future. It’s still hard to wake up.

Besides school, I’ve been busy with RA stuff. Let’s just say it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I think things are getting better. My girls participated in Mod Feuds last night at The Encounter and we were so shocked to discover that we won! I never win anything! I was so proud. I also am having an event for my girls tomorrow where we will go to BJ’s and eat dessert. Pizookies are my favorite. We will also have a Halloween event next week where we will trick-or-treat around East Hall. Our mod is decorated super cute as well! I love the holiday season.


Unfortunately, I haven’t had a ton of time to hang out with my friends. My schedule is pretty hectic, and it’s even difficult to meet up with Miranda and Rebecca who live a few rooms down. We do enjoy eating a few meals together though. I also don’t get to go out very much with my boyfriend, but I’m still happy that he’s here on campus. I love having him there for me when I’m overwhelmed.

I am hoping for a slower second half of the semester. I want to take time to enjoy this period of my life, even though it can be challenging. As alway, please keep me in your prayers.