Saying Goodbye to Summer

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I move back onto campus this Saturday. It feels so weird writing that. On one hand, I feel like summer just started, but once I think about everything I’ve done, I realize how much time has really gone by.

I’ll admit, the month of May was probably the laziest I’ve ever been. School wore me out! I spent most of my time sleeping, watching t.v., and shopping (terrible, I know!). On the bright side, I did manage to work every day, even if it was only for two hours! If you ask my dad, he’ll say I did nothing this whole summer because every time he saw me I was on the computer, but I was getting things done! I also met up with my roommate and we planned and gathered decorations for our new beach-themed module. I will be getting a list of my future residents any day now!

June was a much busier month because I started teaching swim lessons with my sister. Somedays we would be in the pool for 6 hours straight! Even though it was hard work, it was worth it to watch the little kids improve. Of course, getting a good tan was nice, too. I also was reunited with my girl friends from high school. We spent many hours together giggling and sharing about our years. A piece of not-so-good news is that I had a kidney infection and kidney stones for a few weeks in June. It was so painful! But thankfully, it was nothing too serious and I’m feeling much better.

During July I began my online summer school class at Saddleback College. I have one more week left until the course is over. I’ve found that I really enjoy the subject of sociology, and so I’m very glad I’m taking the class. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll end up with an A! My birthday was also in July. Dominic took me to Six Flags and my friends and I went to Wild Water Adventure Park to celebrate. I also went to the beach a few times to watch my little brother play in water polo tournaments. But my favorite day was when I went to Disneyland with a few friends, just because I had worked hard all summer and wanted to reward myself by going to my favorite place!

These next few weeks will be dedicated to my new RA job. I will leave for a retreat soon with our resident life team at Shaver Lake for a few days, and then go on a leadership retreat at Hume Lake for a few days. I will also spend many hours training, which I am nervous and excited for. I hope I can learn to be more confident as a leader.

Here are a few pictures showing the highlights of my summer!

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