Packing List

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I thought it’d be helpful to share my personal packing list for when I move back on campus this fall. Last year I had no clue what to bring, and I ended up buying way too much. Here is what I suggest you pack for FPU:

1. Twin XL Bedding – This is the size of our mattresses. Twin might work, but XL is the best option (especially when you’re tall like me).

2. Mattess Padding – Last year I decided to buy a cheap $7 foam padding to put under my fitted sheet, but this year I am planning to invest in a nice mattress pad. I think it will be worth it and may save me hours of unrest! At the very least plan to bring some sort of mattress pad to go under your fitted sheet.

3. Command Strips/Hooks – If you want to hang anything on the wall, Command Strips are the way to go. We can’t put nails in the wall, and some walls in East Hall are cement.

4. Comfy Desk Chair – You are given a desk with a classroom chair in it. Some people may be able to use that, but I personally didn’t like sitting in it for a long time.

5. Ethernet Cord – East Hall wifi is known for being difficult. We had new routers installed last year, but sometimes it would still be very slow. You will probably need to get a long cord for your room.

6. Mini Fridge – You can definitely survive without this, but it is so nice to have one. I mainly used mine for water bottles, but they’re also good to keep snacks in. They’re very useful when the Caf is closed, or when you’re too lazy to leave your room to eat.

7. Storage – Tubs, bins, and ottomans are a huge help. Our dorm rooms can get crowded with three people. I like the small stacks of drawers they sell at Target. They fit perfectly under the desk. I would also keep a tub or tray to store shoes, snacks, or clothes in. Anything that can fit under your bed is ideal. Little trays to keep on your desk are nice as well.

8. Towels – A few bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths are very important. Depending on how often you go home, it’s always good to have enough of these.

9. Shower Caddy – Try and find something small that you can take in the shower. Our showers are really tiny, and so it’s hard to fit 3 sets of everything in the shower. Maybe talk to your room mates about sharing a shower caddy that hangs off the shower head.

10. Trashcan – Try and get a good sized trashcan for each person in your room because they fill up easily in the mod and it gets gross.

11. Lamp – You won’t need a desk lamp because our desks come with one, but I suggest getting a lamp that clips onto the edge of your bed. It’s helpful for reading in bed when your roommates are asleep.

12. Bath Rug and Shower Curtain – The bathroom floors are slippery and so it’s nice to have a rug. Also, our showers come with a curtain, but my roommates and I used it as a liner and bought a curtain to go on top of it. This prevented the water from going out of the shower.

13. School Supplies – This is obvious, but very important. You will need desk supplies like scissors and a stapler. Make sure to bring plenty of pencils and notebooks too! You won’t need glue or markers for school work, but if you like to do crafts and make cards for people then bring them.

14. Clothes and Hangers – If you live close, don’t bring all of your clothes at once. Bring a week or two worth of clothes and switch them out when needed. Also, make sure you count out exactly how many hangers you will need.

15. Toiletries – Another obvious one. Besides keeping shower, hair and makeup supplies in your bathroom drawers, don’t forget about little things your mom usually has on hand like Tylenol and Bandaids.


16. Alarm Clock – I wish I didn’t buy one because  I ended up just using my phone.

17. T.V. – You can bring a T.V., but there isn’t a whole lot of space to set one up. We have a T.V. in the common area that everyone uses. I personally didn’t have any time to watch T.V.

18. Printer – We have many printers you can use on campus, but it’s so nice to have a printer in your room. The ink can be really expensive though.

19. Cleaning Supplies – The mods have some cleaning supplies, but not everything. they do not provide toilet cleaner, mirror cleaners, stain cleaners, or wipes. Wipes are very useful! Another good investment is a mini vacuum or Dirt Devil. Our mod shares one vacuum that is very old.

I may have forgotten a few things, but these are the major items I can think of. Your list might be different depending on what you use most.


  • Don’t overbuy! Save money by only getting what you need. For example, don’t buy ten bottles of shampoo. I used one per semester.
  • Share everything you can. Contact your roommates about sharing things like a fridge, printer, and bathroom supplies. Split the cost of the bigger items.
  • Look at many different places. It might help to look for coupons and go online to see which stores have the best deals on what you need.
  • Go to garage sales. I’ve seen many fridges and chairs at yard sales for cheap.
  • Ask around. Ask friends and family if they can contribute anything.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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