Preparing for Next Year

The end of the semester is drawing near. Finals are right around the corner and it will be summer soon. It feels great to finally say that. I’ve just got to get through these next few weeks and then I will be free! Not that I want to leave campus, but I know that when I leave for summer I will feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. All of the stress that I’ve had from my current classes will disappear. Of course, until next year’s classes. I’m trying to plan out a schedule that isn’t too overwhelming because I will have two jobs to juggle while in school. The thought of this makes me a little nervous, but I know that I’ll find some way to work it out. I’ve got a big year ahead of me, and I feel like it’s never too early to start preparing. Call me a nerd or whatever, but I know that if I start preparing now, I am less likely to struggle in the future. Here are some things I’m doing that might give you ideas as well:

1. Taking summer school.

Yes, unfortunately the school work will not completely end for me because I am determined to take one or two classes online to go towards my GE this summer. Normally I wouldn’t do this as I am in no hurry to graduate early, but I’m doing this to keep from falling behind. By getting units done over the summer, I can take less units in the fall. I honestly don’t know how much time my new job is going to take up, and I want to be available in my dorm for my residents as much as possible. Right now I feel like I never hang out in my room because I’m always hopping from one place to another! I know summer school isn’t ideal, but I will be thankful for it later.

2. Buying my textbooks ahead of time.

So last year I didn’t know anything about how to buy textbooks and I thought we wouldn’t know about what we needed until the first day of school, but I was wrong. My plan is to purchase my biology textbook this month so that I can look through some of the major chapters this summer. General Biology is one of the toughest classes on campus, and I really want to do well in this class. I think I will have a huge advantage if I have the textbook early and start reading before school starts. This way I can go as slow as I want and am aware of what the class will cover.

3. Going to conferences and training.

For my new RA job, I am required to do some training so that I can learn how to help my girls next year. Of course, this type of preparation is mandatory, but I definitely think it is worth going to. I hope to learn how to deal with conflicts and how to be a confident leader. In fact, I’m headed to the Christian College Leadership Conference in Azusa this weekend and I’m very excited. I really have no clue what this job will be like, but I hope by going to events like this I can understand exactly what my role is. This way I can be ready for the first day of school when my job begins.

4. Reading the Bible and praying.

Perhaps the greatest thing I can do to prepare for the upcoming year is pray and read my Bible. In this way, I can become closer to God and more aware of the areas in my life that I need to work on. I can also discover what his plan is for me. This is such a crucial part of my life because it gives me guidance and allows me to stop worrying so much about the future. God knows the desires of my heart and he is working within me to get me ready for the upcoming year.

Vanessa Montes