The Happiest Place on Earth

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If you know me, you know that I love Disneyland with all of my heart. I’ve been there too many times to count! Who doesn’t like Disneyland? It never fails to make me happy. So, as you can expect, I was ecstatic when I found out FPU does a Disneyland trip. I was even more excited when I found out I could go for only $40, which is less than half of the price of a normal ticket. I anxiously waited throughout the year for the Disney day to arrive, and now, I can’t believe that it’s already over. Here some of my memories from the trip:

This is the group I hung out with throughout the day. It was me, Dominic, my roommate Miranda, and her boyfriend Jon.
Dominic and I took this same picture a year ago. We just can’t figure out how to pull out that sword!
We waited for a long time to take a picture with Cinderella. We were probably the only ones who weren’t children.


I bet Dominic that I’d beat him on the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters game. If he would’ve lost, then he would’ve had to ride It’s a Small World with me! Sadly, he won and didn’t have to. He hates that ride!
I love my roommate Miranda. We bought Mickey shirts the day before at WetSeal.
My boyfriend and I at the castle. It was beautiful, especially with the fireworks around it.

As you can see, I had an amazing time.The weather was perfect and I was with a great group of people that were a lot of fun. As expected, it was very crowded because it is Spring Break right now for many schools. However, we still managed to get on plenty of rides. We ran around Disneyland getting as many Fastpasses as we could. Our favorite rides were Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. While waiting in line, we played silly games like “I Spy.” We also had yummy food like burgers, bread bowls, and ice cream. The day went by so quickly, and we didn’t want to leave. But we finally decided to head back to the bus around 11 p.m. because we were exhausted. It was sad to go home, but I have a feeling we will be back soon. I can’t wait until then! I hope you had as good of a weekend as I did.


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