My Top 5 Reasons to Attend FPU

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I’ve only been at FPU for a few months, and I know already that I have chosen the right school. Here are the reasons why:

5. Sports and Events

Many people work hard to put on a variety of activities for our school. I recently went to Fall Formal at the Chaffee Zoo and had an absolute blast. I’m looking forward to the Disneyland trip our school takes in March! We also have  Midnight Bowling, Bunko Nights, Lip Sync Contests, and so much more.There is always something going on throughout the week. Many of these events offered are free and usually come with food and prizes. They are a great chance to meet new people, grow closer as a community, and just have fun! Our athletic teams, both intercollegiate and intramural, are definitely worth participating in or at least watching. We won two national titles last week, and I have a feeling we’ll be winning more in the NCAA division. We also have intramurals, sports like ultimate frisbee and powderpuff football, that anyone can do just for fun.

4. Size

It is so nice to go to a small school. I can walk to any of my classes on campus in just a few minutes. I love not having to wake up and leave super early for class and for work. I also enjoy having about  25 students in each of my classes because it’s much easier to pay attention and receive help. I only have 13 students in one of my classes, and we all have gotten to know each other very well. This has allowed us to do things together that most classes wouldn’t get to, such as go on field trips and have donut parties! You really get a completely different experience when you don’t have many people in your class. Our school population in general is a lot less than most universities, and I feel like it’s a big advantage. The campus isn’t crowded, and you get to see familiar faces everyday. This has made it much more comfortable for me.

3. Opportunity

I’m getting to do things here at FPU that I wouldn’t get to do at any other school. For one, there are plenty of on-campus job opportunities available to people who don’t have any experience but are willing to learn (like me!). I’ve also found many opportunities for spiritual growth. College hour, the chapel service offered twice a week at our school, is incredible. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a Christian rock concert, other times I get to listen to transformational leaders throughout the community, and sometimes there are choir and theatrical performances to watch. Lastly, there are opportunities available every semester for students to see the world. There are study abroad and mission trips offered that can take place for a whole semester or just a week or two. Our school also offers credit for going on these trips, and they have ways to help students pay for it. It’s nice to know I have this option because while I may not be ready to travel now, I could definitely see myself trying this in the future. I feel like I can do anything here.

2. Professors

Our professors are well-qualified in what they do. I have been challenged, but also encouraged by them. I currently have some of my favorite teachers that I’ve ever had throughout my student career. They all teach in unique ways, but what they have in common is their genuine concern for their students. I’m more than just a number to my teachers; they know me by name and care about me as a person. I have seen this through many of their actions, such as when my chemistry teacher walked across campus to find me so he could give back my jacket I left in class, when my Jesus and the Christian Community teacher invited the class over for Thanksgiving Dinner if we didn’t have anywhere to go, and when my self-defense teacher prayed out loud for the students in my class at the beginning of the semester.

1. Support

Student success is the top priority at FPU. From the first day of college, the amount of support I’ve received has been substantial. The staff and faculty are here to help me graduate in four years. My transition to college life has been made easier with the help of my Resident’s Assistant, Resident’s Director, Mentor, and Mentor’s Assistants. They repeatedly check up on me and make time for me. Whether it’s a question about classes, or I’m just feeling overwhelmed, I can go to practically anyone. Our university pastor is like a giant teddy bear, and he’s always there when I need prayer. The Academic Support Center is available for free tutoring and academic advice. The Career Services Center provides loads of information on majors and career options. The counseling services offered and the school nurse have also proven to be great resources. My list can go on and on. There are so many people that are here for me at FPU, and the help I’ve received from them is such a blessing.



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